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The constellation Andromeda contains the Andromeda galaxy, also known as M The Andromeda galaxy is relatively close to the Milky Way , and is a bit larger than our own galaxy.

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Arcturus is best seen in late summer. Continue past Arcturus on the same curve away from the Dipper's handle.

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After going the same distance again as it took to reach Arcturus, you will come if it's not below the horizon to a bright star of the constellation Virgo called Spica spy-ka. Alternatively, the phrase "Spike to Spica" refers to Spica's usual location near the horizon. Spica lies nearly on the ecliptic--the path the Sun follows across the sky.

Spica may have an occasional bright visitor nearby--a planet wanderer, not a permanent resident! Return to the bowl of the Dipper. A line running through the two stars nearest the handle points almost directly to two other notable stars. Pointing down beneath the bottom of the Dipper bowl the line would take you to Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo a lion, whose mane looks like a backward question mark-- Regulus is the "dot" at the bottom of the mark.

In the other direction, pointing above the open bowl, the line runs to Deneb , in the constellation Cygnus the Swan, which looks like a cross. Deneb is the tail of the swan, which is flying south for the winter along the Milky Way. Deneb, together with two other stars Vega and Altair form the summer triangle , an asterism which dominates the night sky all summer long.

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Look at the photo at the top of this page. Look at the second star from the end of the Dipper's handle. Can you see anything unusual about it? Have binoculars? Test your eyesight by looking at the second star again.

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Look closely, and you may see two stars, which have been called the Horse and Rider. According to the Greeks, the second star is one of the Pleiades sisters, who left her six sisters over in Taurus when she married. Interestingly, from spectroscopic evidence it is known that Mizar A and Mizar B are each double stars as well, although these pairs are not resolvable by existing telescopes.

Likewise, the constellation of Orion the Hunter [see image below] can be used as a sign post for the southerly viewed sky. In the Peter Gabriel hit "Sledgehammer" he says Big Dipper drugs.

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