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Confessions of a Tokyo bar hostess: ‘I’m not a pure girl any more’

I am also confused as to what is wrong with making money off of the way I expose my body. This happens every day. Musicians in music videos, sexual descriptions in books, covers of magazines, movies, even a person at the park might catch your eye and you appreciate their body. Something about adding money into the mix makes people uncomfortable I guess.

No one ever asked me what my motive behind my job was when I was a janitor, or a nanny, a barista, or when I worked in retail. I think it was obvious then…. So why do you have issues around me taking off my clothes for money.

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Why does that make you uncomfortable? I was by definition selling myself short. I watched my coworkers do back breaking work, pushing 60—65 hours, getting only two days off only to return back on Monday and do it all over again. On the weekends I would catch up on sleep and errands and spend all my money on my bills with nothing extra at the end of the month.

Get the salary paid job with guaranteed income and a respectable badge to wear on your girl scout vest. Can you guess if we break up by gender and race?

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  • Link to the: Gender and Race pay gap depending on how much schooling. And do you know how much of that income would go toward paying off my student loans? What about the availability on jobs for fiction writers? Not to mention I make my own schedule or that I get to be naked at my job and eat my lunch when I take a break.

    Jonathan Franzen: We've passed the point of no-return

    I decide when I take breaks. I decide who I talk to and for how long. If a customer is a fucking asshole I walk away or I call them an asshole or both. And I no longer go home smelling like pizza every night. By December I took the plunge and starting to show strangers my butthole.

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    And what do you know… people actually paid to see it! The other crazy thing… I actually enjoyed doing it.

    One titty at a time I made enough money to get seen by professionals for my health care. Kaiser doctors, get labs done, nautropaths, AK doctors, acupuncturists…. I am grateful I have the job that I have and the income to keep myself healthy.

    I have immense freedom. I call the shots.

    Aoba-kun's Confessions Vol. 6

    I am not in a vocation where for minimum wage I have to take your shit. Thus, I will continue to strip until I find another job that will pay me more and give me the same, if not more freedom. Become a member. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

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