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At this point Genesis were emerging themselves as a progressive rock band known for their complex song structures and their fantastic live performances in particular. Peter Gabriel had begun to extensively use a variety of masks, make-up and costumes to accompany their onstage story telling. Meanwhile in America, Genesis still remained cult favorites, but thanks to a lot more radio play, the band found new fans especially among the collegiate circuit.

It was a herculean creative effort by the band, especially by Gabriel. At this point, his creative difference with his bandmates soon grew worse during their tour in their support of the album. Collins took over as their new frontman, and required a second drummer to assist him.

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Bill Bruford, who had pummeled skins with Yes and King Crimsonm, filled such responsibility. The album went to 3 in the UK, and 31 in the US.

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The album went to 7 in the UK, 26 in the US. Soon after, Hackett left Genesis, reducing the band into a threesome. Because of the success of the album, it netted Genesis their first US gold record award at the time following its release.

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By this period, Genesis gradually moved away from their earlier progressive rock style and made their sound more accessible and pop-oriented. Their plan worked for them, as it led Genesis into their breakout mainstream success in the s. It started with their album Duke , which became their first 1 hit album in the UK, as well as went to 11 in the US pop album chart.

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The success of Abacab got Genesis their first double platinum certification. In , the band released their self-titled twelth album Genesis , which only added into their stable of 1 UK albums. It also peaked at 7 on the US Billboard In , Genesis reached the pinnacle of commercial triumph with Invisible Touch. Invisible Touch sold over six million units in the US alone; it also went quadruple platinum in the UK. Genesis were still riding on the crest of commercial peak when they went on a five-year hiatus.

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The Team. Patient Forms. Personal Training. Physical Therapy. Genesis Wellness Membership. Genesis Wellness Meal Prep and Delivery. Genesis Weight-Loss Program. Clients and Testimonials.

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