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What Happens In Vegas - 4 Book Box Set

A couple of years ago, Shoma took up writing as a hobby after successively trying her hand at baking, sewing, knitting, crochet and patchwork , and was amazed at how much she enjoyed it. Now she works grimly at her banking job through the week and tries to balance writing with household chores during weekends. Her family has been unfailingly supportive of her latest hobby, and are also secretly very, very relieved that they don't have to eat, wear or display the results!

I am hoping to stop for a month or so in WA. One of the joys of being a writer and editor is that I can work from anywhere with an internet connection. So, anyone have a Jeep I can borrow? Travelling companions, anyone? Our Penguin releases for August will put a spring in your step as we count down the weeks till the month of spring itself. We have a spicy new Sylvia Day read and a moving novel from Barbara Hannay that is so evocative you will feel the dusty Outback wind in your hair as you read. The problem is, Lysette died in a tragic accident, or so Lynette thought.

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Learning that her sister lives, Lynette is determined to be reunited with her once more but Simon Quinn, the masked stranger, becomes entwined in her plans. As she finds herself involved in the erotic but dangerous underworld of her dark and twisted desires for Simon, Lynette falls far deeper than she first thought that she would …. Bella Fairburn is living the life of her dreams in Europe, complete with a sexy French boyfriend, Anton.

For both Bella and Liz coming home turns out to be so much more than they expected, and the surprises just keep on coming. Liz is held back in her blossoming new relationship by the trauma she feels following a devastating miscarriage. Bella finds herself in a confusing love triangle as she rekindles her romance with her childhood friend Gabe, who has become so much more than a friend now that he is all grown up.

Saving Cinderella! (Mills & Boon Romance) (Girls' Weekend in Vegas, Book 1): First edition

To keep up to the date with the world of Penguin Australia, we invite you to join us online at www. He needs somewhere to relax and heal after the trauma that has been his life for the past year. His then soon-to-be-ex-wife was murdered and Eli discovered the body. The police looked hard and long at him as the perpetrator but no charges were laid due to insufficient evidence. At Bluff House, he hopes to finish the novel he has begun, to regroup and find a way to move forward. She makes jewellery for the local craft store to sell, cleans house for others in the community and works most Friday nights at the Village Pub.

Eli is not looking for any kind of relationship.

nsurzipahunt.ga He, with Abra, start to fight back. I did find both Abra and Eli almost too nice. From a romantic perspective, there is very little keeping them apart. Abra has significant trauma in her past as well, but and this did surprise me a little it had hardly any impact on her relationship with Eli. Almost from the beginning it is clear that Abra and Eli belong together and there was never really any conflict between them. Whiskey Beach, apart from the break-ins at Bluff House, is an idyllic place where everyone seems super nice too. If you like Nora Roberts, I think you will like this book.

The short hot bursts of love and passion we have on offer in August guarantee to warm up your winter nights. With Christmas and the summer beckoning, we are currently seeking stories in all categories and sizes that highlight the festive season and holiday themes. We would love to hear from you, whether it be a hot sizzling summer passion down under or a freezing frosty northern winter romance. Melissa has always felt different, and now that Kellen has stepped out of her dreams and into reality she knows why.

Millie has decided that this will be her year for a relationship and when she meets sexy plumber Adam, things start to look up… until he dumps her after what she thought was a fabulous date. Unknown to Millie, Adam is only trying to keep her out of harms way from the rather villainous Stan, who is out to collect on a gambling debt. It takes a bit of stalking and an accidental back kick to bring down the bad guy, leaving the path wide open for Millie and Adam to really get to know each other.

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Jordy Hurrell is the singer of rock band Rogue Night. Jordy would give up his whole world for one night with Dave, but instead he has to endure night after night of seeing Dave in the arms of a gorgeous groupie. Will Jordy lose everything he loves, including Rogue Night, or will he finally find someone who plays to his beat? Once again Amber is up to mischief, luring her BFF and sometimes lover, Lucy, to the bedroom section of a department store just as the store is closing. No one is around to stop them…. K, an emotionally broken Dom who experiences reoccurring visions of past events, owns a sex fantasy web site and escort agency, Dear K.

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