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A team international scientists unlock the secrets of a deadly cave filled with giant crystals.

It's a season of change and surprises, with one of the closest battles in "Wicked Tuna" history, that culminates in a dramatic nail-biting final episode. Go on the hunt to determine which aspects of your personality reveal the Big Cat that roars from within. This image is National Geographic. View all photos. Deep below Mexico lies a mysterious cave packed with extraordinary giant crystals.

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From the fork in the path that led you to secret 1, take the right fork. This chest is behind a stalagmite ahead of you. Head to the left again following the same path as chest 1 above. Slice through the icicle wall, and follow the path on the other side. This is in the area below the meditation circle. From the meditation circle, head to the right, and cross the shortcut you opened earlier.

The power is now in your (nitrile gloved) hands

At the top of the ice wall, face back toward the Imperial Trench. The chest is underwater below and to your right. Instead of slicing your way back into Crystal Caves, head to the left.

Forager (Beta) - 100% Guide: Crystal Cave (Chests Secret Rooms Walkthrough)

Jump to the ice wall, and climb to the left to find this chest and open a shortcut. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Gaming PlayStation Xbox Nintendo.

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Naica’s crystal cave captivates chemists

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