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The mortal daughter of a demon is freed from her prison of dreams by a rival demon who wants to use her as an instrument of his revenge. Her father, however, is the cleverest of the demonkind, and proves a match for his enemy, who is forced to flee with the girl. The demon of Madness plays a bizarre game with a group of humans whom he is influencing, but the outcome is uncertain because the demon of Night takes a hand in things.

A magical ceremony awakens a visitor from another reality into one of danger and deceit. Marginal story about a woman who gets caught up in a miasma of perverted eroticism, slavery, and possibly black magic from Africa. Secret Books of Venus 1.

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An alchemist is fascinated with a beautiful woman, unaware that she is the tool of a cult plotting his downfall. The young ruler of a magical kingdom tries to create a strictly controlled society on the assumption that this would be the best thing for her people. Marginal historical fantasy in a mythical country in which a woman is informed by a fortune teller that she will be the focus of great events, but all around her the world is so involved in warfare that she doubts this can be true.

Young adult fantasy in a puzzling world. Short story in pamphlet form about magical transformations. Supernatural 2. Parl Dro is a professional exorcist called in to return the dead woman to the grave, but to do so he must first decide which is which, not all that easy a task. Dutton, , Puffin, , as Wolf Tower. A slave child accompanies a mysterious stranger on a perilous journey through strange lands which will result in her freedom, if she survives long enough.

Short historical fantasy. Short fantasy novel set in the midst of the French Revolution. Supernatural menace and political intrigue in a fantasy world that slightly resembles ancient Greece and Egypt. Azhrarn, the demon of Night, is the supreme being in a universe where the Earth is flat and civilization is primitive and based on magic rather than technology.

A demon and his half mortal companion are hiding among humankind when her demonic father comes looking for them. Young adult fantasy involving pirates in an alternate world. Collection of related stories. A three sided love affair gets even more complicated when a vengeful alternate version of one of the parties appears from a parallel world. An ex-brothel slave is now head of a secret society dedicated to combating evil.

When a demonic figure emerges into his city, he discovers that he is facing the challenge of his life. Supernatural 1. Secret Books of Venus 2. A young girl with the ability to command flame incinerates a would be rapist. A priest enlists her aid as a weapon against a horde of invaders, but the result is not what he expects. Omnibus of Sabella and Kill the Dead. Although set on another planet, there is working magic in this one.

Grown to manhood, the protagonist sets out to reclaim his heritage. In a parallel Renaissance Italy where magic works, the romance between a man and a woman is menaced by the long standing feuds between their two families, and the dark specter of witchcraft invoked by both sides. Collection of loosely related stories based on the legends of India.

Two unrelated short stories and some poems. Two unlikely allies combine to outsmart the power of evil sorcery in a magical realm where the gods themselves contend for power. Omnibus of The Storm Lord and Anackire.

A woman runs away from her unhappy home and joins a colony of indigents at a seashore. Once part of the community, she begins to hear strange stories about the magical powers of the sea. At first she dismisses them, but eventually learns that they are more than just fairy tales. An adult version of Snow White with the innocent child of an evil queen trapped by a magic mirror and eventually rescued by seven unusual characters. A slave turned into magnificent warrior is charmed by a clever witch into performing a service for her.

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  • This entails his searching for and entering a fabled city which is rumored to be the resting place of lost magical powers. Wolf Queen Hodder, , Puffin, A romance in a fantasy world. Wolf Star Hodder, , Puffin, A young girl seeks to escape a magical palace. A young girl seeks to make her own choices in a typical fantasy world. A warrior discovers that his will is no longer completely his own. Historical novel involving witchcraft and a visit to Hell. Gollancz, , as Threshold. An apparently doomed love affair triumphs over adversity in a magical world.

    Short fantasy about a family of flying cats. Further adventures of the flying cats. Penguin, , as The Earthsea Trilogy. Omnibus of the first three Earthsea novels.

    The Barrow Elves by Alison Cable

    Omnibus of all four Earthsea novels. Earthsea Trilogy, The. See Earthsea. Magic has begun to vanish from the land. One enterprising young magician refuses to accept things as they are, however, and sets out to change the world. Western Shore 1. Young adult novel about a village whose inhabitants all have magical powers, a balance of terror endangered when two teenagers refuse to use them.

    Short story published as a chapbook. A series of adventures in an altered version of our historical Europe.

    Collection of related stories in an medieval setting. A wizard troubled by dreams of the dead goes on a quest accompanied by a shape changing dragon and others. Powers Harcourt, Western Shore 3. A young boy tries to come to terms with his ability to foresee future events.

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    Short tale of a girl who rescues her brother from trolls. Collection of related stories for younger readers about flying cats. A one time high priestess in a world where magic seems to be wearing out tries to nurse her former allies back to health, while a new evil rises in the outside world that will require her to call upon a previously unknown power. See The Beginning Place. A young woman is deprived of her normal life and made into a priestess, imprisoned in a remote shrine.

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    But then a young wizard comes to steal knowledge, and in the process opens up to her the greater world beyond. Western Shore 2. A young girl rebels against the people who conquered her town when they ban reading and writing. Where on Earth Small Beer, A seeker after knowledge releases his own death into the world of the living, and must spend the rest of his life dealing with the consequences.