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A monstrous arachnid, previously dispatched by an ostensibly fatal blow from the Cowardly Lion in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, has been revived and is now wreaking havoc by sapping the energy of all the animals. Lunechien residents, including the aptly named Elephant, Tweaty a bird , Nibbles a mouse and two owls, seek the aid of the newly ascendant Ozma to defeat the monster.

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In the quest to overcome the spider, we meet an interesting array of Ozzy, eccentric peoples: the Saber-Toothed Light Bulbs whose very name conjures up a marvelous image , the marshmallow inhabitants of a marsh kingdom, and the warring Schnozzles and Stinkfeet a comedic conflict reminiscent of that between the Hoppers and Horners.

The book is also laced with puns and wry humor. For example, a tiger speculates that the spider's monstrous size may be attributable to "the humans' constant littering, or maybe a military experiment gone haywire". After a careful build-up, however, the primary conflict with the monster is resolved much too quickly. In the process, Ozma is confronted with an interesting moral dilemma, on the caliber of her ethical decision not to battle her enemies in The Emerald City of Oz. Chapter 14 presents a long, anachronistic digression on the life story of an American baseball player, as told by his shadow; this episode, though interesting enough in itself, might best have been lifted and utilized elsewhere as a standalone short story.

This book advances the proposition-which some Oz fans will doubtless dismiss as heretical-that Ozma is in a fact a tiny child or, as described by Tweaty, a "little girl who is probably younger than most eggs" , rather than the pubescent female described by Baum and drawn by Neill. The authors support their hypothesis by suggesting that Ozma has the power to alter her appearance, purposefully making herself appear older when dealing with dignitaries.

At one point, Ozma even sprouts wings in order to convince doubters that she is, in fact, the fairy ruler of Oz.

Forest Monster is graced with illustrations by Dore Meers, who captures both the elegance of Ozma and the humorous personalities of the animal characters. A psychedelic collage of various pachyderms adorns the cover.

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Upvote 0 Downvote 0. I congratulate you and Robert Evans for keeping alive the humor, wit and affectionate characterizations of the great American fairy tale--a high-wire act that's evidently very difficult to pull off. The "courage to be an individual" one can only be in awe of. With best wishes and sincere encouragement to you both, Jack Jones John S. Jones, Jr. Books added this week view all. Fly Away Home. Burton Island State Park.

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  • Industries and Inventions of the Shakers. The American Consolidated Mines Company. Summer Guests. It isn't like they'veenclosed us in a cage or anything like that. What's to stop us fromsimply slipping out between two of them and walking away? But chew do have a point. Ve cannot eat glass.

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    Ve can break it, but vecan't eat it. Chew are uff no value to us. Ve vill only be able to eatze meat creatchures.

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    Chew that are a made from glass may go. Besides, we have with us the Queen of Oz. Your own Queen, for crying out loud! I do not know chust'zactly vat a queen might be, but I am sure that it iss delissious. The Forest Monster isalready bigger than the lot of you, and he will come for you sooner orlater if you don't let us stop him! Whatever monsters are usually made of," answered thefemale owl.

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    It isagainst the laws of the jungle to kill more than you can eat, and theForest Monster will easily tide you over for a good long time. She wasnot an advocate of killing at all. The thought of her willingly placingone of her subjects--even one so wicked as the Forest Monster--in mortaldanger was a hard pill for her to swallow.

    Still, this development hadapparently removed the threat to her own hide. Ozma only looked solemnly at the ground and kept walking. Bookmark Name it so you can find it faster next time. Save changes Close.