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They prefer baseball, but have been known to appear at other sporting events and wear the jersey or shirt of the most attractive player on the team and can't tell you what position he plays. Also known as "cunts". Fan 2: At least we don't get this shit at Bruins games.

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  • SANDCAST: Troy Field, more than just the guy in the pink hat.

Joe: Yeah, what a dumb bitch. Pink Hat unknown. A sports fan that jumped on the bandwagon because of a great season or two.

The Pink Hat

The hat always looks new because it's only worn after wins or at a the occasional game that they get a free ticket to. It should also be noted that not everyone who is wearing a pink hat is a " Pink Hat " To find out is someone is a pink hat or not just ask Name three players on the team.

You're better than that.

And the Winners Are…

New York fans, am I right? A female of any age who knows her own mind and physiology who when gathered together for a cause can and do affect state and federal policy.

Credibility Indicators

Usually focused intelligent and doesn't define herself according to the status quo. The pink hats conferred with their counterparts on a compassionate and reasonable healthcare system for all people within the US.

Only pink hats are focused enough to unravel and rebuild a health care system which works for all the people. Pinkhat unknown. Not to be confused with Pink hat.

Who Is The Pink Hat Guy Behind Home Plate At Wrigley Field?

A: did you see Brenda at the Women's March yesterday? B: ugh, what a Pinkhat. I'm glad I didn't go. Pink Hat sex.

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When you fuck a girl that is on her period while wearing a condom and then place the condom on her head when you're finished. The initial spark for The Pink Hat was a conversation with my 14 year old son about masculinity and role models. In fact, I first imagined the main character as a boy who finds a pink hat and joins the March.

The Pink Panther in "Mystic Pink"

But clearly a girl belonged at the centre of the story. She gave the story its power and focus.

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So, in a way, this book is also my way of saying thank you. Thank you to everyone who marched on 21st January And thank you especially to all of those who continue to march and work and campaign for equality and freedom for all women and girls.

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