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Within these limits, Paul was happy that the Corinthians would exercise their gift of tongues, even if it be often only in the realm of private devotion Certainly he did not have it forbidden—a point which is sometimes overlooked today. Tongues in the postapostolic church. Perhaps, official disapproval led to an unbalanced isolation of, and emphasis on, this spiritual gift.

By the 4th cent. Nevertheless, in time of spiritual stress or renewal, it has frequently reappeared; the present age seems a clear instance of this. See Spiritual Gifts.

1 Corinthians 14

Bibliography Eusebius, History of the Church ; L. Christenson, Speaking in Tongues ; J.

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Try it free for 30 days. Encyclopedia of The Bible — Gift of Tongues. Click the button below to continue. Close this window. Learn more today! They were in the process of being put down. So, there were men who were gifted with the ability to prophesy - to speak the very Word of God directly from heaven. But the day would come, God said, when that would no longer be necessary.

There were also those who were given the ability, in the New Testament time, the knowledge from God to write down the Word of God.

The Gift Of Tongues - Andy Croft

Specifically apostles or those related to apostles. It was a special kind of knowledge. When God inspired men to write down the Bible He gave them knowledge to write down the Bible so that what they wrote is absolutely true, without error. When you and I open up our Bible and we read what these men have written we know it is not merely human knowledge conveyed here but it is knowledge anointed by the spirit of God — a knowledge given to them to write down the literal Word of God. But there came a time when the New Testament canon was complete.

Now I know in part, but then I shall know even as also I am known. He is comparing the Bible to a glass. In Corinth they were well-known for the manufacturing of polished brass mirrors.

They looked in those polished brass mirrors. The reflection they got was a partial reflection - a partial revelation to them. But the Bible predicted that the the Bible was going to come and it would be a perfect glass - a perfect mirror. For he beholdeth himself, goes away, and straightway forgets what manner of man he was. You see yourself in the Bible. You see yourself as a sinner. When you open up the Bible you have a perfect revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, the Bible is compared to that perfect mirror.

II Corinthians - the figure of speech is even clearer in this statement. He is talking about what you and I ought to do with our Bibles on a daily basis. So, Paul says there will come a time when that which is perfect would come. When that which is perfect - the perfect Word of Go is come then prophesying in that sense would fall away. Knowledge in that sense would fall away. They were temporary in nature.

"Speaking In Tongues" – Why We Shouldn't!

But now in the middle of that in verse 8 he mentions the gift of tongues. It is a future middle. It means that tongues will cease in and of themselves. We are going to deal with one of these sign gifts the gift of tongues and the auxiliary gift the interpretation of tongues. In Chapter 12 he has mentioned on two different occasions these gifts. In verse 10 he mentions kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues.

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In verse 28 he mentions again, diversity - that is kinds of tongues. Verse 30 - do all speak with tongues, do all interpret. First of all, it deals with the appearance of tongues and secondly it deals with the disappearance of tongues. The modern tongues movement is a fairly recent development in American society. In Los Angeles on Azuza Street was the first documented case of a particular group of people where speaking in tongues was a prominent part of their worship.

All of these wonderful, fine people have their beginning back in those early years in the inception of the Pentecostal movement.

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It differed from the old-line pentecostalism in that the charismatic movement was primarily a movement among the mainline denominations. So, tongues has made its appearance historically in our day.

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  • But the Bible also shows us the appearance of tongues. I have already indicated to you the reference to tongues in the book of Corinthians. But we want to see the appearance of tongues everywhere it occurs in the New Testament. Always keep in mind that when we study any subject we must always go to the Bible. We must always find out what the Bible has to say about that subject.

    We are always under the authority of the Word of God. We are always captive in our thought to Scripture.

    ypribathligh.tk So, I want us to see the appearance of tongue, the mention of tongues in the New Testament. The only time tongues is mentioned in the gospels is in the last chapter of the gospel of Mark. The Lord Jesus Christ is commissioning His disciples. He has given them His specific commission in verse I believe if you will study your New Testament carefully, with the exception of the statement where it says they will drink any deadly thing, you will find that all of the other four evidences are fulfilled and can be noted in the New Testament day.

    If four of the five we have reference made to it in the New Testament I think we could probably say the same thing would be true about drinking any deadly thing. That was fulfilled in the New Testament era exactly as Jesus Christ said it should be.