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All 4 of our kids and us have also enjoyed Something from Nothing, Jillian Jiggs we could close our eyes and recite it end to end , and The Giving Tree. My son has a new favorite — The Digger and The Flower. Meghan, we got that from the library a few weeks ago too! So good.

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Thank you for putting together such amazing and thoughtful recommendations. So happy to have found your blog! Biddlebox before! So happy to find a kindred spirit in picture books.

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Thank you for the wonderful list! Storm is Coming by Heather Tekavec. They hide in the barn from a terrible monster named Storm and cheer every time the lightning flashes and thunder growls to chase Storm away. One of my favorites. Thank you for this list. I taught both preschool and kindergarten during my teaching career, and story time was always the highlight of the day! So excited to check out the books on this list.

Thank you for taking the time to put it together. So powerful to help develop a sense of self-worth that is not swayed by the opinions of others. Do you have any recommendations? Hi Katie! Hope that helps! For bedtime books I really like the Nancy Tillman collection. The only issue that I have is with the printer who has obviously never read a book to a child in a dimmed room before!! So I just learned them by heart!!

Thanks for the wonderful list! Also on my list of favorites is You Belong Here by M.


Both are beautifully illustrated and so sweet! This book perfectly presents the heartbreak of being a homeless child in a non-threatening, non-frightening way. One Potato, Two Potato by Cynthia DeFelice For a more whimsical approach to the issues of hunger and sharing, this folktale will entertain and enlighten any audience.

Dear Mr. Rosenwald by Carole Boston Weatherford This book is based on actual events in the s, when a philanthropist — the founder of Sears — offered money to African American communities to build schools—but only after they raised money themselves. For an impoverished community, this was a difficult task. This story of how they achieved it is very inspiring.

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Children living in homeless shelters take photographs, tell their stories and share their dreams. A hopeful, heartwarming, and inspiring story about hard work, saving -- and what neighbors helping neighbors can mean when families are faced with hard times. Tight Times by Barbara Shook Hazen We all can relate to this tale of a boy who just wants a puppy of his own. Through his eyes, we watch the parents struggling with hard times, and better understand the stress families experience when money is tight.

Children will feel for CJ as he notices the differences between a cleaner part of town where other boys his age are playing on their iPods, and the dirtier part of town he's headed too. Parents will find inspiration in CJ's grandmother's kind responses to CJ's observations.

And your whole family will be ready to start a new service project when you reach the heart-warming conclusion. The recommendations we offer are based solely on our mission to empower parents to raise children who care and contribute. Who We Are. What We Do.

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  • Ho vinto io (Fuori Collana) (Italian Edition)!
  • Le plus bel age (HORS COLLECTION) (French Edition).
  • Matthias et le diable (French Edition).

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