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From there we have the current meaning: a disaster, a total mess. A highly representative piece of vesre is pescar , to know, which works like a normal Spanish infinitive, but is derived from the Italian capisce , meaning — do you understand? It seems likely that, by making capisce undergo vesrefication, early proponents of Lunfardo inadvertently ended up with a new regular Spanish verb, which took on a life of its own.

Translating Ka. Sagasta cannot be either, because he is trucha, or at least he was in his prime, and it is not possible that he has changed sex, even though he has changed his condition. Considering that Mr.

Meaning of trucho

It is difficult to know. However, one of the slang meanings of the word trucha at that time was related with being a clever, shrewd person, etc. This meaning does appear in the dictionary of the RAE , deriving the word from the Hispanic Arabic word Truchiman, which we have also found in different dictionaries of that time and that would coincide with the current meaning of the slang in Mexico and in other parts of Central America, such as the name of the Salvatrucha gang.

This explanation of the word trout would imply that this slang word traveled from Argentina and Uruguay to Spain.

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The flow of Argentine migrants to Spain occurred from to and its peak occurred during the years of the Argentine economic crisis, between and We can not rule this explanation out completely, although it seems highly unlikely because these transformations take time. One of the most frequent sources of slang words is the patriarchal identification that consists of, without going in depth, attributing supposedly feminine characteristics to gays and supposedly masculine ones to lesbians.

The Twisted Spanish of Buenos Aires

The argument is yokel and simple: if he likes men, he is like a woman, and therefore I name him like a woman. Which has a similar meaning to the English expression: Do you like snails or oysters? Here, the flesh is the man and the woman is the fish. Apparently, the relationship of women with fish comes, of course, from the hand of machismo, which establishes a relationship between the scent of the vagina and the smell of fish as if the dirty cock smelled like roses.

Sample of this is the English word fishy that derives from fish, which is a term used to describe a drag queen with an extremely feminine appearance or who really looks like a woman.

Although the term is considered a compliment between drag queens, it is often considered an insult among women who are not drag. So one of the possible origins of our trucha slang term could lay in relating homosexual men to women by the name of a fish. However, this would imply the jump from the word fish to the word trucha.

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But, Why trucha and not eel, the anchovy or sea bass? Como la trucha al trucho.


Say it with Spanish slang

Do you love me much? Like the female trout to the male trout. This Spanish idiom, whose first reference dates from and yet it has reached our days, could be behind the origin of the trucha slang, although it is just guesswork.

ROXANA DAMAS -TEQUILA ft. Trucho G (en espanol)

As in the previous case, we would also be facing a patriarchal identification, in which, being the trucha the woman and the man the trucho, calling a homosexual man trucha would be calling him a woman. In the first version of this article, from , we were quite sure that the origin of the slang term was in the fact that the trucha is a fish that swims against the flow.

Another explanation could be found in the rainbow trout, a species that began to be introduced in Spain at the end of the 19th century and experienced an increase between and because of its introduction by the government. Maybe someone established a relationship between the rainbow flag, the LGBT symbol, and this trout species, giving rise to the slang term.

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